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"You truly made our experience the most memorable trip we have ever had."
Here below is the feedback I provided to Asian Trails regarding our amazing experience and your incredible service and hospitality.  You truly made our experience the most memorable trip we have ever had.  Wish the day did not go by so fast, we had so much fun with you and so did Diane.
First of all, Linda Wang is a very special lady.  These two ladies must certainly be your top Tour Leaders for sure!
Linda had us laughing the whole day with her Panda jokes and we learned so much from her deep sense of love of the Pandas, her country and the knowledge of the Program and History of the center. The tour would never have been so enjoyable or informative without her expertise to share.  She is a sweet and very funny lady, who would delight any clientele, even the difficult ones would soften their heart to her.
The Panda Photo Shooting opportunity and the Volunteer program far exceeded our expectations.  It is hard to express in words how much better the program is than described on the centers website.  It is a program that one must experience in order to understand the depth of the care of the Panda and how very close you actually get to be during your Volunteer time.
The Pandas are a truly special animal and no other can compare to their beauty and gentleness.   The staff were amazing, the food excellent and abundant, and the Documentary film was outstanding!  I truly did not know anything about the Pandas life, and the film was more informative and enjoyable than one could imagine.  It was happy and sad knowing some have been lost.  So as you said a very emotional day, and the highlight of our China trip.

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No better way to end a trip in China for sure!
Again, thank you for arranging a truly amazing lifetime experience for me and my husband and sharing your two best Tour Leaders to make the experience the best it could be.
I do hope our China business flourishes in the coming years so we may have the privilege to sell your beautiful country and send you many clients.

Information de client: Barone, États-Unis
Date du tour: le 13 novembre 2017
Itinéraire: Chengdu - Dujiangyan

"Nous souhaitions également vous dire que notre guide a été parfait!"
Bonjour Nicolas, nous voulions remercier weitu pour le superbe voyage que nous avons passe en Chine. Nous souhaitions également vous dire que notre guide a été parfait! En effet, jeans nous a beaucoup aide il a été d une extrême gentillesse et s est montre très compétent. Pour ces raisons nous recommandons vivement ce guide a tous les voyageurs souhaitant tenter l expérience avec votre agence!  Nous continuons notre route vers la capitale du laos et souhaitons également pour conclure notre voyage en Chine connaître la procédure pour obtenir le remboursement de notre caution aux douanes chinoises. Bien cordialement jenifer, Mathieu Andréa et Louison fabert

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Information de client: Matthieu, France
Date du tour: le 10 octobre 2016
Itinéraire: Erlianhaote - Ulan Qab - Beijing - Datong - Taiyuan - Pingyao - Changzhi - Jiaozuo - Shaolin Temple - Luoyang - Sanmenxia - Xi’an - Zhouzhi - Foping – Yangxian – Hanzhong - Ningqiang – Guangyuan - Mianyang - Guanghan - Chengdu - Leshan – Liujiang - Yaan -

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